The Super E® Home represents the highest standards for healthy living, energy-efficiency and quality of construction. Each Super E® Home receives a unique identification number and is provided with a Certificate of Recognition.
All Super E® homes have passed the following stringent tests:

  • An air permeability test to ensure energy-efficiency, moisture protection, and maximum control over indoor air quality;
  • A ventilation flow and balancing test to ensure a constant supply of fresh, healthy air to every habitable room in the house;
  • A computerized energy consumption simulation modeled against the ideal to ensure maximum energy performance and minimum production of greenhouse gases;
  • A wall structure design verification to ensure moisture protection and long-term durability;and
  • A submission to the Government of Canada verifying the use of environmentally-friendly materials and practices.

Results of theses test, performed on every Super E® Home, have been reviewed and approved by independent specialists form the Super E® House Programme.