Whether you are a designer, architect, developer or builder, join the elite group of Super E® members and gain a competitive edge in your market.

By becoming a member of the Super E® House Programme, you’re committing yourself to taking the extra steps to deliver quality product, services and support. The market and reputation for excellence of Super E® Houses in Japan, the UK and Ireland is growing because of the dedication of Super E® Members, Canadian housing exporters with expertise in the construction of high quality, energy efficient and healthy housing are eligible to become members of the Super E® House Programme. The Canadian member company then enrolls an export partner, who will construct Super E® Houses with help from the Canadian member.

Canadian members have the responsibility to provide assistance to their foreign affiliates through design expertise, technology transfer, marketing and sourcing the products and materials necessary to construct Super E® Houses.

Contact a Super E® member in Canada who will become your Canadian Expert Affiliate. Or, if you are already working with a Canadian company, have them contact the Super E® Office.