Everyone needs a good business partner

A Canadian Super E® Member is your access point to an extraordinary range of assistance for your business that help you at every stage of design, construction and marketing.


Workshops for new homeowners

Produce satisfied customers and positive word-of-mouth by calling on Super E® to conduct workshops for homeowners. These evening workshops provide first-hand advice to your customers about the cutting edge technology in their new Super E® home.


Ask our experts

Through your Canadian Super E® partner, you can source expertise in any area of housing. Super E® is backed by key Canadian Government research establishments such as Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Natural Resources Canada and Canada’s National Research Council.

Sales and marketing training

Sales staff will find it so much easier to sell your Super E® homes if they truly understand the features and benefits of this remarkable housing system. A Super E® expert will visit your sales staff to explain Super E® technology, and the features which most appeal to new homebuyers.


On-site training

Your Canadian Super E® partner doesn’t just supply high quality product, but access to customized on-site, hands-on training for your crews. Training includes everything from high-level theory and sustainable design to air tightness construction details.

Government endorsement

Each home carries a certificate of endorsement, signed by a Government of Canada representative. In addition, the Canadian Government, through Super E® is available to provide you with high-profile media events, media relations assistance, programme brochures and more.