Health, comfort and peace-of-mind all contribute to a high quality of life. Super E® homes contribute to the health of your family by providing the best indoor air quality available in any commercial housing. Super E® homes are comfortable. Our attention to reduced air leakage means no draughts or cold spots. High insulation levels and low air leakage means less noise from outside. Continuous, whole house mechanical ventilation distributes fresh air to every room – even when the windows are closed. The ventilation system also helps maintain comfortable and healthy humidity levels.

Peace-of-mind comes from predictable energy bills. Because Super E® homes waste less energy, you have more control of your energy future. If, at a later date, you wish to add renewable energy systems, Super E’s low energy usage will ensure you’re getting the most from your investment. It’s your hedge against the future.

Peace-of-mind also comes from knowing you are doing your part to reduce your environmental impact.